22 | 10 | 2012

Quartz  |  Fluorite  |  Asia  |  Calcite

Dalnegrosk is the synonym for a classic locality in Russia. It stands for wonderful Fluorite crystals and fantastic combinations of Quarz, Calcit and other ore minerals. Jürgen Margraf got the chance to visit this location this summer and shares some nice impressions with us.

In september 2011, I got the chance to visit the famous mining area Dalnegorsk in Russia. Together with my Russian friend we flew from Munich via Moscow to Wladowostok. An endless flight, it seemed that Russia begins at the “Ural mountains”! Eight hours drive through the wild forests of the “Sikhote Alin” and we reached the beautiful valley of Dalnegorsk. At this time more than 4000 miners worked in the different mines, some of them are opened only from time to time. Form “Bor Pit” I saw a selection with numerous specimens. Like always – it’s a lot of work to select the undamaged pieces. In an open pit we could collect clear Danburite crystals and were very lucky to see two Beluga wales in the open sea the last day!

Autor / Author:
Jürgen Margraf / Austria

Bilder / Credits:
Jürgen Margraf / Austria