Fluorites from Weardale

22 | 10 | 2012

Europe  |  Fluorite

The “Heights Mine” is part of the Weardale Mining district. It’s located near the villages of Eastgate and Westgate, north of the Wear River. The mine was exploited on iron mainly by the Weardale Iron Company.

For collectors the mine became famous for the discovery of wonderful Fluorite crystals. Deep green fluorite twins up to 4cm were as well discovered as pale purple fluorite crystals. Jürgen Margraf got the chance to visit the “Heights Mine” and several old mines, as “Groverake Mine”, Frazers Hush” and the “West Pastures Mine” and brought us some nice impressions!

Autor / Author:
Jürgen Margraf / Austria

Bilder / Credits:
Jürgen Margraf / Austria