20 | 05 | 2020

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Namibia 2013 – By Jürgen Margraf

A group of mineral- and nature enthusiasts startet in january 2013, to visit some famous localities in Namibia. The weather was beautiful, so we took the chance to sleep in tents and cook on open fire. Self collecting is mostly not possible, because this is the only income of the locals, called “small miners”. But along the main roads you find a lot of people, often children, who sell mineral specimens in all qualities and price ranges. We started in Windhoek, north to the “Erongo Mountains”, from there to Swakopmund. Again north along the ocean, to the incredible nature of Messum Crater. From here we reached the “Goboboseb
Mountains” and well known “Brandberg area”. Beside great minerals, we were lucky to see many different animals in open range.

Autor / Author:
Jürgen Margraf / Austria

Bilder / Credits:
Malte Sickinger / Germany
Jürgen Margraf / Austria